The wrong message from television

Subscribe for unlimited digital access. Subscribe By Phil Kadner Commit suicide and you will make people regret they mistreated you, while assigning responsibility to others for your terrible decision. Adolescents all across the country are loving it and chatting it up on social media. It is captivating, entertaining and a critical success.

The wrong message from television

Now you get a reality show. You get arrested on TV after a drunken binge and become an instant millionaire. Compromise your morals and The wrong message from television a sex tape and it may get you enough attention to land a lucrative fragrance deal.

What kind of message does this send to young people? Why is it that television networks today feel the need to reward bad behavior?

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The simple answer is increased competition for ratings and money. But celebrating stupidity by mainstream media is not morally justified. Now hold on a second here?

I know some people may think that I, Tom Green, should be the last guy to write a diatribe against reality TV. Isn't Tom Green the guy who humped a dead moose?

The wrong message from television

Isn't he the guy who painted pornography on his parent's car? Yes, I worked hard to put together an experimental show on a budget of zero. But I was not being exploited by anyone. I was in charge. It wasn't that long ago that there were only three television networks, no cable TV, and no Internet.

There was simply no need to go negative. But now with the media being fragmented into an infinite number of outlets, competition for eyeballs is fierce. And the easiest way to win the competition for eyeballs in the digital age is to broadcast bad behavior.

People like watching train wrecks. Things were better before. It was on one of the 13 cable TV channels. They didn't have 25 late night talk show hosts trying to be the most outrageous.

There was the likeable television genius Johnny Carson, and his mad genius counterpart Dave. There was nothing else crazy on TV every night and there was no Internet.

The only place you could see electronic images on a screen were on the few TV channels and at the movie theater. Also in the s the VCR was born. Now we could rent movies at the video store and watch them at home. This was exciting and new to be able to watch feature films at home whenever we chose.

At first we would watch mainstream blockbusters. But every once in a while somebody would show up with a VHS tape of something really crazy. There was this one video series that started getting passed around at school called Faces Of Death. This was mostly found footage of real deaths that had been collected over the years.

It was mostly shot on really bad 16 mm film, which in a way made it a lot creepier. People getting attacked and killed by bears, parachutes that didn't open, alligator attacks, people getting shot in the head, assassinations, and more.

These tapes started getting passed around in the seventh grade. All the kids were talking about Faces Of Death, although we were the last family on my block to get a VCR so I had to wait another year before I got to see.

We were fascinated by Faces Of Death because we wanted to see real shit.

The wrong message from television

Finally this was some real shit that wasn't edited and manipulated by the censors. We wanted to see something real that gave us some insight and truth about being human.

And then technology continued to change. Cameras got smaller and more affordable. Normal people could now afford to make videos. And more and more outrageous things began to appear.Former DFW television and radio anchor-turned-Fox studio host Curt Menefee set up Johnson like a youth league coach setting a baseball on a tee: "Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was seen in the crowd.

7 TV Shows That Got Mental Health Issues Really, Really Wrong Besides 'Degrassi.' Stacey Grant Stacey_Grant91 10/05/ It feels like a huge win for those who suffer from a type of mental. Jul 16,  · What kind of message does this send to young people? Why is it that television networks today feel the need to reward bad behavior?

The simple . On Television: Cable and Satellite, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where did the partnership with ___ go wrong?

*Breaking Bad Spoilers*". The new commercial television code that will allow M-rated programs to air earlier is facing resistance from the Federal Government backbench. The changes are due to come into effect on December 1. ’13 Reasons Why’ sends wrong message to teens about suicide Cast members of the TV show "13 Reasons Why" surround producer Selena Gomez (center) at Paramount Pictures Studio in Los Angeles.

Media Sending Wrong Message to youth?