The effects of health literacy essay

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The effects of health literacy essay

While the benefits of a high literacy rate tend to speak for themselves, many people prefer to overlook the costs of a low literacy rate. A low literacy rate can affect just about everything a person does in their life after graduating high school. It will influence profession or career they choose, the amount of income they make, and subsequently the areas and neighborhoods where they can afford to live.

It can even affect their family life and the health of interpersonal relationships. Many people are leaving their schooling with a dangerously low literacy rate, all too unknowing of the consequences that poor schooling, a lack of interest in academics, or even just the lack of proper learning tools can have on their futures.

According to Literacy and Growth Serge Coulombe, Jean-Francois Trembleythe higher a literacy rate country has, the more likely it will experience growth in terms of productivity and technology.

When people are more productive, they are more likely to not only understand the importance of being able to access technology, but they will also be able to afford to utilize it. This means that when the literacy rate of a country as a whole The effects of health literacy essay higher, that country is much more likely to have better access to technology for its citizens.

Having a well educated and literate populace also indicated that there will be a higher likelihood of developing new technology as people will have the knowledge and the means to improve or invent new devices. It also means that the people of the country are more likely to show an increase in productivity over those in other less educated areas.

A likely explanation is that there is an understanding that working not only harder, but smarter as well, can increase their worth as an employee and improve their pay rate, and therefore improve their lifestyle.

When it comes to global influence, a country that has a higher literacy rate, such as the United States, England, and Japan, is more likely to have a greater amount of power on a worldwide scale.

A Cross Cultural Study Amir Shohamshows there is definitely a connection between a higher level of literacy and a more egalitarian society where everyone in the society has the chance and means to rise or fall within the social strata, unlike a country such as India where the classes are organized into a rigid caste system based on birth and occupation.

This means that when there is a higher level of literacy in a country as a whole, it is more likely that the citizens will be treated with more equality and respect than in countries where the literacy level is low.

The higher a literacy rate a person has, the more likely they will be hire. People who are more literate show higher motivation, and make more efforts to be productive, which, as a matter of course, will lead to better opportunities.


In Literacy Changes Lives: When a person is in possession of a low literacy rate, they are very much more likely to live in overcrowded homes and low income housing, which can tie up those benefits for the other people who need them, with less access to computers and other literacy improving devices than those with a higher literacy rate.

Unfortunately, a low literacy rate can also make it difficult for a person to gain a higher literacy rate after high school, as less access to technology can have an effect on whether or not a person is even motivated to attain higher literacy.

A low literacy rate can even have a negative effect on relationships, as those with poor literacy are more likely to divorce than those with higher rates. A higher literacy rate can even have an effect on how much one is paid.

The higher the literacy rate, the more likely a person is to see wage increases, and a higher starting wage.

According to The Economic Benefits of Literacy: Early participation in learning can also have an effect on reducing the need for remedial education, reduced crime rates, reduced dependence on welfare, and other government programs, as well as better health, and the higher likelihood of pursuing higher education.Some of this pressure could be avoided if they understood just what stress was, and the effects it can have on their health.

More about Essay on Impact of Health Literacy on Health. Impact of Cultural and Social Factors on Health Words | 15 Pages; Latino Health Literacy and Acculturation. Health literacy not only addresses the literacy aspects of an individual, it is also linked with the overall health status of an individual, in the recent decades researchers identified the relation between health literacy and the health outcome (Speros, ).

Read Health Literacy free essay and over 88, other research documents. Health Literacy. This year marks one of the most significant years in the history of the United States of America.

The effects of health literacy essay

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A Chronology of Annotated Research Study Summaries in the Field of Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym). The Effects of the Illiteracy Essay The Effects of the Illiteracy With the development of the human society, more and more people began to realize the perniciousness of the illiteracy.

In my opinion, the illiteracy is the main reason that hinders the social progress.

The effects of health literacy essay
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