Religion in the workplace thesis

Management and International Business Abstract Research shows that religion has numerous effects on how people behave and act, so the goal of this study is to expand the body of knowledge about religion and see if it affects workplace behavior, specifically organizational citizenship behavior. Organizational citizenship behavior OCB is discretionary individual behavior that is not directly or explicitly recognized by the formal reward system and promotes the effective functioning of the organization.

Religion in the workplace thesis

Religion in the workplace thesis

Some features of this site may not work without it. Religion, an obstacle to workplace spirituality and employee wellness? Bester, Alan; Muller, Julian C. A desperate need for employee wellness is echoed in work-related stories.

Workplace spirituality is presented as an integral part of achieving and maintaining employee wellness. However, there is an observed gap of spirituality in employee wellness programmes and in the absence of the workplace spiritual helper in multidisciplinary wellness teams. When spirituality is viewed through the lens of religion, it is overlooked as a vehicle of help.

This is a consequence of the obstacles of the taboo of religious discussion, the complexity of religious plurality, the dominant voice of secularism and unhelpful religiosity.

The research includes an interdisciplinary collaboration with a Human Resource HR manager, social worker, arts therapist, clinical pastoral counsellor, medical practitioner, psychologist, businessperson and two psychiatrists that underscores the collaborative effort in wellness.

There is an intradisciplinary challenge to those who restrict the view of spirituality to the experience of religion.Thesis Proposal on Spirituality and Psychotherapy. Smith College School for Social Work Thesis Proposal Client Perceptions on Therapeutic Quality of Care When Disclosing Spiritual and Religious Beliefs or Experiences: A Mixed Methods Study Introduction Spiritual and religious considerations are integral aspects of human life.

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Controversial Issues of Religion. 3 Applying Ethical Theories and Perspectives: Religion in the workplace opportunity and treatment for all members irrespective of their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or, in the case of civilian employees, handicapping conditions, except as prescribed by statute or policy%(19).

The workplace ethics are formed due to two very important factors. The first thing which influence ethics of a workplace is the policy which a firm makes use of in the office.

The policy should be at peace with the laws and regulations of the particular industry in which the firm operates.

Oct 10,  · Writing a thesis statement on religion? I am writing a paper on religion, I need help a thesis statement on Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Also, something about how they are the largest religions in the world right Resolved. THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION AND THE WORKPLACE.

A Thesis. submitted to the Faculty of. The School of Continuing Studies. This thesis demonstrates that there is a mismatch of expectations in the workplace homeownership and religion were identified as important. 1 Similarly.

Thesis: Implementation Of Diversity In Workplace Plan