Joe a filipino rockssical play review

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Joe a filipino rockssical play review

A Filipino 'rockssical' When two musical genres fuse to tell the story of the National Hero, this witty play is what you get Published Back then, Vince was a young man who had just passed the bar exams; today, he is a lawyer by profession and a playwright, stage director and actor by passion.

I'm a theater fanatic, as you know, but I must confess that it was only in that I heard about Philstagers. Among the more publicized were "Desaparecidos""Enzo Santo"and "Ako si Ninoy" Before "Joe," they already featured the National Hero twice: Vince, a recipient of the Joe a filipino rockssical play review Awards for Best Director and Best Actor, is the writer and director of all of these Philstagers productions.

In his message in the souvenir program of "Joe," he wrote about going against more "big-time" or "mainstream" theater companies. Seems to be quite the passionate rebel, yet secure in his own place in the local theater industry. Despite the rain from Typhoon Ferdie that July 22 afternoon, the Sta.

Cecilia Hall of St. Scholastica's College in Manila was fully packed with students. It felt wonderful to see young people watch theater It was also in college in UP Manila when I got bitten by the theater bug.

All about "Joe" "Joe" is a 3-act musical with 20 scenes. It runs for about 2 hours without an intermission. As its tagline "A Filipino Rockssical" denotes, the play fuses modern rock with classical Filipino music to tell the story of Jose Rizal's life.

It is written as a play within a play. The story A group of former high school friends reunite after 12 years to help their former classmate stage a big Malacanang-commissioned musical about Jose Rizal.

The main controversy tackled in the musical is the questionable signing by Rizal of a retraction statement in order to gain the Church's approval to marry Josephine Bracken.

Fred Said: THEATER, CONCERTS, EVENTS: JOE: A Filipino Rockssical (Philippine Stagers Foundation)

The structure of the play is quite complicated as it attempts to parallel this old conflict with the modern-day conflict of "History vs. Art" being experienced by the writer-director in the play, Joecas played by Vince. The story spans several years as it follows the lead characters from high school to the present day then to old age.

What we think In my opinion, the play is both meaningful and entertaining for the young audience it targets.

The music and lyrics of the songs are spot on; the solid voice of the chorus line, moving. The choreography is memorable, especially that surprisingly catchy move of leaning backwards to mimic Rizal's fall after being shot.

The set's pieces are few but more than appropriate to create the setting of the various scenes throughout the play. The costumes are smartly put together to reflect the running emotion of a scene.

I did not know any of the actors in the cast before watching "Joe. Patrick Libao essays the iconic title role of Jose Rizal very well, his diminutive stature adding to the realism of his look. His singing voice is also very strong. Vince is very good as Joecas, the tormented rocker-playwright so engrossed in his own artistry despite personal consequences.

His tenor voice unexpectedly soars. I am quite taken by the performance of Cindy Liper as researcher Joanne. She has very expressive eyes. The scene-stealer is little Gabby Bautista, who plays the optimistic orphan Turing.

His stage presence is amazing; his confidence magnetic. No wonder he was recognized by the Aliw Awards for his acting skills at the tender age of 4 in Statuesque Monique Azerreda plays the controversial Josephine Bracken.

Does the play get its message across to the young audiences? I think so, based on the effusive standing ovation that came with the curtain call when I watched it.

Does it tell us whether Rizal signed the retraction or not? The characters themselves are arguing about it.

Joe a filipino rockssical play review

An emblematic scene shows Rizal tearing down a brown banner saying "Kasaysayan" History and it is replaced by a white banner saying "Sining" Art.

What exactly does this mean? Is it up to the artist to interpret history as he sees fit?your source for the latest news and information on cultural events, musical plays, concerts, exhibits, theater shows, festivals, arts, workshops, etc. JOE: A Filipino Rockssical (Philippine Stagers Foundation) July 22, This is the first play I have watched from the Philippine Stagers Foundation (or simply Philstagers), a theater company that has been in existence for more than 10 years now.

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[Joe walks to the stand across the room that held napkins and walks back with the napkin at hand] Joe: Oh my god, Kate! [Katie is sobbing and takes the cushion from the sofa and buries her face in it. 'Joe: The Filipino Rock'ssical' is written and directed by Atty.

Vince TaƱada, original music by Pipo Cifra, and choreography by John San Antonio.

Joe a filipino rockssical play review
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