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In Intel compilers, automatic vectorization is enabled at the default optimization level -O2, so no additional arguments are needed. In GCC, to enable automatic vectorization, use the additional argument -O3. Additionally, to vectorize transcendental functions with GCC, -ffast-math may be needed. The listing below is an example of code that may be automatically vectorized by the compiler.

Intel case study summary

Out of Whack U. We now extend that study to examine realized pay — how much compensation CEOs actually took home when they exercised their equity grants.

Does realized pay indicate any better alignment between CEO pay and long-term company performance? If anything, realized pay was even more out of whack than awarded pay. Among the most poorly aligned companies, 23 underpaid their CEOs for superior stock performance and 18 overpaid for below-average stock returns, relative to their sector peers.

The 18 companies that overpaid for underperformance just 4. Short-term performance assessments, an over-reliance on share price-related performance measures, poor succession planning and SEC-mandated annual reporting standards were the main factors exacerbating this misalignment.

None of the companies in the poorly aligned group experienced consistent disapproval on CEO pay, suggesting that shareholders were more focused on payouts in individual years than over longer time horizons. Long term, these findings suggest that the year-old approach of using equity compensation to align the interests of CEOs with shareholders may be broken.

These figures do not represent what CEOs are actually paid, but rather establish potential pay targets because the realized value of equity incentive awards may not be known for some time. Our primary objective was to test whether higher CEO incentive targets resulted in higher long-term investment returns, thus benefitting shareholders.

Instead, we found an inverse relationship between the two: By studying a year period, we gain new insight into the extent of the misalignment, as most studies and industry practice focus on shorter time horizons. In this new report, we extend the scope of our study to include total realized pay, or the amounts that CEOs actually took home, to determine the extent to which these amounts were well aligned with long-term performance.

Of these companies, employed the same CEO throughout this year period; pay figures for over individual CEOs were included in the analysis.

At companies where two or more individuals served as CEOs in the same year, we included the aggregate amount paid or awarded: Our goal was to evaluate the relationship between pay and performance for each company, rather than for a particular CEO.

Total realized pay figures represent the amounts actually realized by individual CEOs and other executives in a particular reporting period.

These long-term totals are not typically reported but must be calculated using figures reported in individual proxy statements, based on realized amounts attributed to multiple prior awards. Thus, the reporting periods were from through Exhibit 1 shows that there was little correlation.

MSCI ESG Research If CEO pay practices were truly well aligned with long-term performance, we would expect to see those companies whose CEOs realized the highest pay levels exhibiting the highest investment returns, and those with the lowest pay levels exhibiting the weakest returns. This was not the case.

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Instead, the scatter chart indicates an overall lack of correlation between long-term performance year TSR and cumulative realized pay, as indicated by the very low R2 of 0. We used sector-based peer groups rather than industry-based groups to ensure we had adequate numbers of companies in each group.

Intel case study summary

The green text and shading highlights the groups where pay and performance were generally well aligned, while the red text and shading indicate the most extreme cases of misalignment. The remaining companies fall into boxes with yellow highlighting, indicating some degree of misalignment.

As we can see, more than three-fifths In comparison, only companies At the extremes of the poorly aligned group, 23 companies underpaid their CEOs for long-term outperformance, and 18 companies overpaid for long-term underperformance. Reflects a one-year reporting lag.

Thus, we find that CEO realized pay over the past 10 years was poorly aligned with long-term investment returns at a majority of large-cap U. Other researchers have disagreed,7 but most of these studies used shorter time periods for testing alignment.Intel has created a freely downloadable, optimized Python distribution that can greatly accelerate Python codes.

Benchmarks show that two order of magnitude speedups (over x) can be achieved by using the Intel Distribution for Python. BACKGROUND. Last year, we asked whether CEO pay was aligned with long-term company stock performance.

Intel Optimized Python for deep and machine learning Moore of " Moore's law " famea chemistand Robert Noycea physicist and co-inventor of the integrated circuit. Arthur Rock investor and venture capitalist helped them find investors, while Max Palevsky was on the board from an early stage.
Up To Orders of Magnitude More Performance with Intel's Distribution of Python - TechEnablement Colfax notes that during profiling they say that the vector capability of the Intel Xeon Phi processor is fast enough that the MKL time to perform the computation actually took less time than the Python call to the MKL library for many smaller problems.
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2 In short, we found the answer was “no.” In that report, we focused on the total CEO pay figures reported in the Summary Compensation Table of U.S.-listed company proxy filings. New iPhones get lukewarm reception in China. Apple's new iPhones are priced unprecedentedly expensive in China, the most popular model on its debut is the priciest iPhone XS Max G model which.

BACKGROUND. Last year, we asked whether CEO pay was aligned with long-term company stock performance. 2 In short, we found the answer was “no.” In that report, we focused on the total CEO pay figures reported in the Summary Compensation Table of U.S.-listed company proxy filings.

In re Bilski, F.3d , 88 U.S.P.Q.2d (Fed.

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Up To Orders of Magnitude More Performance with Intel's Distribution of Python - TechEnablement