Fakhraai thesis

Zahra Fakhraai Abstract Nanometer-sized thin films of small organic molecules are widely used in applications ranging from organic electronics and pharmaceuticals to coatings and nano-imprint lithography. Studies show that properties of these nanometer-sized thin films deviate strongly from their bulk counterparts, possibly due to enhanced surface dynamics and increased surface-to-volume ratio. Developing new techniques that can readily measure the surface dynamics of an organic glass can help understand such phenomena.

Fakhraai thesis

Effects of polymer—nanoparticle interactions on the viscosity of unentangled polymers under extreme nanoconfinement during capillary rise infiltration J. Go to our Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details.

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Fakhraai thesis

The American Physical Society (APS) has announced the Society’s Spring prize and award winners, and the Apker Award, Nicholson Medal, and Sakharov Prize recipients. Shakeel Dalal, Page 1 of 3 Shakeel Dalal [email protected] PhD Physical Chemist with expertise in physical vapor deposition and thin film metrology of amorphous organic semiconductors.

E. James Petersson University of Pennsylvania 2 Professional Affiliations American Chemical Society Member since Biophysical Society Member since New York Academy of Sciences Member since Pennsylvania Organic Chemist’s Club Member since Protein Society Member since Society for Biological Engineering Member since Publications. Dr Fakhraai received her BSc and MSc degrees from Sharif University of Technology in Iran, before completing her PhD at UW. At the University of Pennsylvania she works with a diverse group of graduate and undergraduate students with chemistry, physics, and materials science backgrounds. CBE Graduate Group Faculty Below is an alphabetical list of faculty who are members of the CBE Graduate Group, noted with their affiliated research areas. By clicking the name of the faculty member, you can view their profile information.

Education University of Wisconsin – Madison (Defended June 16, ) Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry. Advisor: Professor Mark D. Ediger.

Fakhraai thesis

The dynamics of thin polymer films display many differences from the bulk dynamics. Different modes of motions in polymers are affected by confinement in different ways.

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