Describe the challenges facing a selected business when using the internet marketing tool

Better prepared for your exams 5. For example, the ways in which the internet provides opportunities for producer-customer dialogue and therefore research and relationship building.

Describe the challenges facing a selected business when using the internet marketing tool

The Challenges of Globalisation While the internet offers benefits and opportunities in regards to marketing, it also throws up many challenges generated by an increasingly global marketplace. These challenges, businesses, have to be prepared for. Businesses such as Tesco must go through the challenge of facing potential threats online on the internet.

Most of communication will be done through internet.

Describe the challenges facing a selected business when using the internet marketing tool

Customers are often concerned about purchasing products from the internet customers and often have stories of hacking and scammers and therefore reluctant to give credit or debit card details online it is a organisations responsibility to inform customers how payments are taken and to reassure potential customers that it is safe purchasing products online with that business.

Meeting Customer Expectation The internet continues to expand customer expectations and this is a challenge to all online businesses. More importantly customers are starting to expect higher levels of reliability, responsiveness, convenience and speed in terms of the time taken in visiting the website and delivery of items once the order has been placed.

For businesses that offer a service this offer many advantages as customers with internet access can use the service anytime, anywhere. If the business website is constantly crashing then the customers will not be able to find information about the products and the business can miss out and lose potential sales.

Competition means to provide the best for customers so that their customers will increase and existing customers will want to return. Tesco needs to set a right price online so that the role of internet marketing creates an increase in customers for them leading to increase in sales and profit.

Tesco should think about how their products should be priced online so for example they need to see how much their competitors are pricing a similar product as them. They need to put in an average price that makes customers satisfied.CALL FOR PAPERS. The DEFCON 16 Call for Papers is now Closed!

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Describe the challenges facing a selected business when using the internet marketing tool

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We use the ALA promotional materials like the READ posters. Unit 12 P6 - Explain the challenges of globalisation facing a selected business when using the internet as a marketing tool For P1, learners should describe how the marketing activities of different businesses have incorporated internet marketing.

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