Children are future of nation essay

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Children are future of nation essay

Essay on Children – The Future of Tomorrow

Unfortunately, we have not yet learned how to raise children who can help bring about a better society. The company a child keeps is of utmost importance for the development of the child.

If a child is socializing in good company which helps him to think in a positive way and also helps him to become a responsible citizen of a country, then it would not only be in the interest of that child but for the whole nation.

I believe that if a child is nurtured in an atmosphere which would help him to develop better then we would certainly be securing the future of our country. It entirely depends upon the teachers who impart education and parents who imbibe good values in a child to make the child a responsible and a good citizen.

I believe that the present generation parents and teachers are unable to provide a congenial atmosphere at home and at school which would bring out the best in a child.

A child is like clay and his personality would take any shape in which it is molded It is the prime responsibility of the elders to lead the child on the right path. The main emphasis of teachers in a school is to get better results for the school and make children learn the syllabus as fast as they can.

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There is no emphasis on teaching the child good values and the importance of becoming good human beings. Similarly, on the home front the parents are not that devoted to make the child aware of the importance of becoming a good human being.

Children are the mirror of the society; they will become what we want them to become.

Children are future of nation essay

If we are forgetting the value of being a good citizen and creating a good society then how can we prepare our children to be responsible citizens of the nation? It is the prime responsibility on our part to provide children with the atmosphere which is free from any gender bias so they grow up with the feeling that males and females are at par with each other.

The children should be brought up in an environment which is free from any sort of racism so that no one community children think themselves to be stronger than the other.

Children should be taught the feelings of brotherhood and nationalism as then they would learn to be responsible citizens of a nation. Parents and teachers should take due interest in making a child not only a good student but first and foremost a better citizen.

The effort on the part of government can also prove to be quite helpful. The role of government to aid schools and help patents in bringing up a child can also quite helpful for the nation.

Children are certainly the future of any nation and therefore it becomes the responsibility of not only the parents but also the nation to prepare their younger generation for a bright future of the country.In the globalized world, studying a foreign language is very helpful to communicate with other nation’s people.

It is irrefutable to say that, to succeed in the highly competitive world, a person must be bilingual or multilingual. Some analysts claim that primary school is the best place for learning another language, while others claim children should not be forced to learn.


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