Character analysis of troy in the play fences

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Character analysis of troy in the play fences

The last scene takes place inon the day of the funeral of the protagonist, Troy Maxson. On that day, the other characters in the play come to terms with the flawed human being who has been the most powerful force in their lives.

Their effort to arrive at a just understanding of this man duplicates the effort in which the play involves its audience. Fences offers a sympathetic but unsentimental portrait of its unforgettable central character. InTroy Maxson is fifty-three years old. He has been married for eighteen years to Rose, whose devotion to him has not necessarily blinded her to the more difficult traits of his character.

Their son, Cory, is a high school senior, and his accomplishments on the football field have led to his being sought by a recruiter from a college in North Carolina.

Troy also has a thirty-four-year-old son, Lyons, by a previous marriage. Troy also has a brother, Gabe, who as a result of a war injury carries a metal plate in his head; in his damaged mind, he carries the conviction that he is the Archangel Gabriel.

Troy feels guilty that money paid to Gabe for his disability has made it possible for Troy to buy the house in which he now lives. At the age of fourteen, after a showdown with a brutal father, Troy set out on his own, hitching his way north to Pittsburgh.

With no job and no place to live, he stole to survive. After the birth of Lyons, it seemed he had to steal even more. After killing a man in the course of a robbery, Troy was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, where he developed a gift for baseball. By the time Troy was released from prison, his wife had gone, taking Lyons with her.

Troy married Rose but continued to dream of playing baseball in the major leagues. He was born too soon, however, for that dream to be possible: Troy now works for the sanitation department, and he has dared to question the practice of assigning the responsibility of driving the trucks to white workers, while black men do the lifting.

He claims there is no harm in his conduct. Troy used to run around with women, but that was before he married Rose. In fact, Troy has obstinately refused to talk seriously about signing the paper that would allow Cory to accept the football scholarship he has been offered.

Troy is so hard in his refusals that Cory asks Troy why he has never liked him.

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Troy asserts that liking is not the issue. Two weeks later, Troy is promoted to driver. He has other matters on his mind. Cory accuses Troy of being motivated by fear; he is afraid that his son will turn out to be better than he is.

He tries to explain that his relationship with Alberta does not imply any rejection of Rose, to whom he has otherwise been faithful for eighteen years. With Alberta, he can momentarily escape the pains, pressures, and disappointments of his life.

Rose reminds him that she has shared those pains and has not looked for her own escape. Troy begs Rose to take care of the child, who is, after all, innocent.

The child will have a mother. However, Rose tells Troy that he will be a womanless man from then on. At work, Troy is doing well.

Gabe, however, is now in an institution. This provokes a struggle in which Troy manages to prevail.

Character analysis of troy in the play fences

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You call the 49ers and trying to work out fair compensation if the Browns do not pick him at one. You think Trubisky’s going to be the long-term Bears quarterback, starting in or later. This play is for the analysis of characters and metaphors tell us the story of Troy Maxon and his family.

From the very beginning of the paly we can see that there . In the play Fences, by August Wilson, the main character, Troy Maxson is involved in numerous relationships with family members throughout the entire eight years that the story takes place.

Troy is a father, husband, and brother to other characters in the play. Unfortunately for Troy, a strong. The central action of Fences unfolds in the space of a few months in the late ’s; it is when the play begins.

The last scene takes place in .

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