Book report tungkol sa dekada 70

But somehow, in all my years of schooling, I had evaded all the panitikan teachers who would include this novel in their syllabi.

Book report tungkol sa dekada 70

May 22, Jr Bacdayan rated it really liked it Note: This review was written as a course requirement for my class: History of Women and Feminism in the Philippines.

These are the words of Julian, a husband, a father, to her wife on why women should not get irritated with him. This is a prime example of a patriarchal man. Contemptible words, yet somehow, are sadly true. How did his wife, Amanda, respond? She rolled her eyes, but she kept quiet.

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She discerned that to contest this would be futile. She was a woman molded in a society that conformed to this belief. Ni hindi niya tinanong kung gusto ko nga ba maghubad. Kailangan sakin mismo manggaling ang natitirang pamproteksiyon sa dignidad ko.

Puwede bang magpatay muna tayo ng ilaw? Basta ng matapos na siya, natulog na siya. Take off your clothes, he said.

Book report tungkol sa dekada 70

I had to be the one to protect what little dignity I had. He just slept when he was done. Nawala na ko pagktapos nyon. Sa proseso nito, walang nag-abalang magtanong kung ano na kaya ang mga kaangkinan ko naman.

In the span of twenty-seven years of being a wife I never grew as a person. I gave birth and became a mother then nothing. I was lost after that. In the process, nobody asked me what I have achieved. Even I, I do not know what I am aside from a wife and a mother.

Taga-abot ng tsinelas mo, taga-timpla ng kape mo! Sa kagaganon, nawala tuloy ako, naging walang klaseng tao ko! Habang panahong nanay na lang! Habang panahong asawa mo lang! Pinaghubad pag gusto, ginanon kung kelan mo gusto!

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Napaiyak na ko… Bakit hindi pag gusto ko? I mean I do not want to be just your doormat. Being that person, I lost myself, I became nothing! Forever just a mother! Forever just a wife! Stripping when you tell me to, being fucked only when you want to!

I started to cry… why not when I want to? These are the thoughts, the experiences of Amanda, wife of Julian, a mother of 5 boys, a Filipina.

This shows the suffering of a typical woman experienced in our country back then and still even in a lot of homes today, she is expected to become a housewife, nothing more. She is boxed, her growth as an individual stunted, she is not given a chance.

Book report tungkol sa dekada 70

The parallelism between the two intertwined stories, the mother and the motherland is truly captivating.Dekada '70 (lit. "The ’70s") is a Filipino drama film released based on the acclaimed novel by Filipino author, Lualhati Bautista. The film was restored by the ABS-CBN Film Archive.

Euthanasia introduction for essay topics in bioethics for research paper book report tungkol sa dekada 70 speech websites for students over exposed essay on contemporary photography. Dec 25,  · The movie was actually very faithful to the book, only a few new scenes had been added.

It isn't easy watching, but neither is it dragging. Watch out for the abrupt transitions, which is probably the only weak aspect of this film/10().

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DEKADA` Ang pagpapakilalang ito sa DEKADA’ 70 ay upang pukain ang pansin ng mambabasa sa kaunaunahang nobela sa wikang Pilipino, na nangahas ilarawan ang ating lipunan sa isang panahon dumanas ito ng pagbabago hanggang sa kasalukayan ay patuloy paring nagaganap.5/5(1).

Dekada '70 (novel) Dekada '70 (Dekada ' Ang Orihinal at Kumpletong Edisyon), translated literally intoEnglish as "[Decade] '70's ", is a Filipino novel written by Lualhati Bautista.[1] Dekada ' 70 is the story of a family caught in the middle of the tumultuous decade of the s.

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