An analysis of the topic of the republic of lebanon in the mediterranean sea

Located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, Lebanon is the second smallest country in the Middle East and in the Arab World. Its total surface area is around Due to its small size, population density and limited natural resources water, soil and vegetationLebanon turns to the rest of the world to import resources and goods it lacks and to export its goods and services.

An analysis of the topic of the republic of lebanon in the mediterranean sea

Oil and gas pipelines in the Middle East Exclusive 5. Oil and gas pipelines in the Middle East Exclusive Donate Middle Eastern countries have a more complex and extensive pipeline system than countries in North Africa. Firstly, this region contains greater hydrocarbons.

Secondly, many countries there are able to choose between several routes for oil and gas: This article is devoted to the most important existing gas and oil pipelines of the exporting countries, as well as planned projects.

Click to see the full-size high resolution map Producing countries Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has a pipeline system with a length of more than 17 thousand.

At the same time geographically it covers a relatively small portion. In fact, the main unextended pipeline connects the field to the east of the country to the export port in the same area.

Several pipelines Saudi oil output in the western export route — to the ports on the Red Sea, as well as to the north of Iraq. Also, pipelines are stretched to major oil refineries of the country: The total capacity of these plants is about 1.

It provides not only access to resources to the other export route — through the Red Sea to Europe, but also conveys the raw material to the processing plants in the west of the country, where there are many large settlements and industrial centers.

But oil is still the main resource which is needed to generate electricity in Saudi Arabia. The pipeline East-West is about km. Its capacity is 5 million Bbl. The operator of the pipeline is the main company of the country — Saudi Aramco.

Threads of the pipeline was put into operation in In parallel with the oil one the gas pipeline is laid, with a capacity of th. This is the longest pipeline in the kingdom. Two other pipelines — Trans-Arabian and Iraq — are not functioning for a long time.

Its capacity is th. The pipeline became operational inbut afterwhen during the Six Day War, control of the Golan Heights turned to Israelthe object was constantly being attacked. As a result, by the land to the north of Jordan was incapacitated. Fully the pipeline ceased to function in after the outbreak of war in Kuwait Jordan has not sided with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Since then, periodically there have been reports of a possible restoration and reconstruction of the pipeline, mostly they come from Jordan, which is aimed to meet the growing demand for energy.

The pipeline was put into operation inthen — in The diameter of the pipes ranges from mm to mm. Saudi Arabia has oil two threads in Bahrain, to which this country enters the Saudi oil. And in September of this year the country signed an agreement on the construction of the two pipelines.

Its length will be km. Iraq The specificity of Iraq is that oil reserves are located mainly in two areas — the north Kurdistan Region and Kirkuk and south field near the ports of the Persian Gulf.

The main export routes for Iraq are through the Persian Gulf and Turkish ports. Refineries are located in central Iraq Baghdad and near Kirkuk Baiji refinery. The main national strategic of oil pipeline is a pipeline from the Kirkuk fields to the Persian Gulf. The pipeline passes through the capital of the country and can be operated in reverse direction, delivering raw materials from the southern fields near the Persian Gulf to Baghdad.

The most interesting situation has already happened with the main export pipeline between Iraq and Turkey. There are two pipelines, one is controlled by the central government Iraq; the second one is built by the government of Kurdistan Region.

After the commissioning of its own pipeline in May Erbil began independent supply of energy to Turkey, by passing Baghdad. Since then, Kurdish autonomy has been constantly increasing oil exports in its pipeline. In September the volume of domestic exports reached th.

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Click to see the full-size high resolution map In recent years there has constantly been a lot of problems with the export of resources to Turkey. And the main reason is blowing up pipes in the Turkish area.Turkey’s election campaign in June took it one step further.

In May, Turkey launched its first drilling ship, named Fatih after the Ottoman Sultan Fatih Mehmet, which was expected to be dispatched to drill for gas in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Turkey’s ambitious energy plans marked by this event were highly symbolic.

a region and ancient country and wine producing region in the east of the Balkan Peninsula north of the Aegean Sea, A land with people antagonistic to those of the Trojans. They were former friends of the Trojans but turned them away.

The Mediterranean Sea is a large body of water that borders Europe to the south, Africa to the north, and Western Asia to the east. The Mediterranean is connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the. Arab Nationalism and Syria Essay Words May 4th, 13 Pages Description of Country Syria is a country located in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Lebanon and Turkey.

There are four such longitudinal strips between the Mediterranean Sea and Syria: the coastal strip (or the maritime plain), western Lebanon, the central plateau, and eastern Lebanon .

An analysis of the topic of the republic of lebanon in the mediterranean sea

The Republic of Venice had controlled Cyprus since The Venetians profited from the island’s production of exports like sugar, cotton, and wine, and they had a longstanding arrangement with Egyptian rulers who protected Venetian interests on the island from Ottoman invaders.

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