A summary of the life of cecil blount demille

He grew up in Washington, North Carolina. His father started his career as a playwright, writing his first play at the age of

A summary of the life of cecil blount demille

DeMille lived a life as epic as any of his cinematic masterpieces. As a child DeMille learned the Bible from his father, a theology student and playwright who introduced Cecil and his older brother, William, to the theater.

Tutored by impresario David Belasco, DeMille discovered how audiences responded to showmanship: Working out of a barn on streets fragrant with orange blossom and pepper trees, the Lasky company turned out a string of successful silents, most of them directed by DeMille, who became one of the biggest names of the silent era.

In he filmed his first version of The Ten Commandments and later a second biblical epic, King of Kings, both enormous box-office successes. He remained married to his wife, Constance, for more than fifty years, but for most of the marriage he had three mistresses simultaneously, all of whom worked for him.

He showed great loyalty to a small group of actors who knew his style, but he also discovered some major stars, among them Gloria Swanson, Claudette Colbert, and later, Charlton Heston.


DeMille was one of the few silent-era directors who made a completely successful transition to sound. When he remade The Ten Commandments init was an even bigger hit than the silent version.

He could act, too: In the s and s DeMille became a household name thanks to the Lux Radio Theater, which he hosted. But after falling out with a union, he gave up the program, and his politics shifted to the right as he championed loyalty oaths and Sen.

A gifted director who worked in many genres; a devoted family man and loyal friend with a highly unconventional personal life; a pioneering filmmaker: DeMille comes alive in these pages, a legend whose spectacular career defined an era.Notable Biographies, containing articles about De-Du. James Dean Biography.

American actor James Dean had a short-lived but intense acting career that began in and ended tragically with his death in September The Ten Commandments (DVD): Filmed in Egypt and the Sinai with one of the biggest sets ever constructed for a motion picture, this version tells the story of the life of Moses.

Once favored in the Pharaoh's bousehold, Moses turned his back on a privileged life to lead his people to freedom.


Now celebrating its 55th anniversary, this film has been . Summary. Cecil Blount DeMille was an American filmmaker. Between and , he made seventy features, both silent and sound films.

A summary of the life of cecil blount demille

Submit Form. Having emerged as a potent force during the birth of Hollywood, director Cecil B. DeMille was a crucial figure in the early development of . Summary. English Synonyms: Cecil Blount DeMille; DeMille; English.

Detailed Synonyms for DeMille in English. DeMille: DeMille [the ~] noun. the DeMille – United States film maker remembered for his extravagant and spectacular epic productions () 1. Read Cecil B. DeMille biography. Learn cool facts and trivia about the life of Cecil B.


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