A review of the movie dead man walking by tim robbins

Instead of vilifying those on either side of the death penalty issue, he paints an even portrait of the rage, grief, and complexity in the arguments of both camps. Although Dead Man Walking is remarkable for Robbins ' presentation of the many moral and personal issues surrounding the death penalty, it is most memorable for the performances of Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn. Pennin particular, manages to be reprehensible and charismatic all at once:

A review of the movie dead man walking by tim robbins

A review of the movie dead man walking by tim robbins

Dead Man Walking Superbly adapted and directed by Tim Robbins from the nonfiction book of the same name by Sister Helen Prejean, this spiritually enlightened drama is too intelligent to traffic in polemics or self-righteous pontifications against the death penalty.

But in examining the issue of capital punishment from a humanitarian perspective, the film urges thoughtful reflection on the justifications for legally ending a human life. Although it features a fine supporting cast, the film maintains its sharp focus through flawless lead performances by Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon as the Catholic nun Prejean, and Sean Penn as the death-row killer she struggles to save.

Robbins avoids a biased message, letting the movie examine both sides of the issue instead R. Lee Ermey gives a fine performance as the grief-stricken father of one of Penn's victims.

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As the drama unfolds and Penn's execution deadline grows near, Dead Man Walking is graced by compelling depths of theme and character, achieving an emotional impact that demands further reflection and removes the stigma of piousness from socially conscious filmmaking.In the movie “Dead Man Walking”, directed by Tim Robbins, he exemplifies the following actions throughout the film.

Faith and doubt is a recurring theme in the course of the film. Where we see Christians, in essence, questioning their faith. "Dead Man Walking," the emotionally wrenching new movie from writer-director Tim Robbins, begins innocently enough when Sister Helen decides to come to the spiritual aid of a convict awaiting.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dead Man Walking at kaja-net.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This was a hard movie to watch. The film poses the question, would you forgive someone if he killed your son or raped your daughter?

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Tim Robbins is excellent as the director. The camera work is. Dead Man Walking is intellectually bold, harrowing, human and relevant--providing solid food for thought and debate. -- Rex Reed, New York Observer Guts, pure and simple. An unashamedly passionate drama. -- New York Times Robbins' intelligent screenplay and straight forward direction touch both the heart and the kaja-net.com ReaderReviews: 3.

Dead Man Walking is American crime drama film of featuring Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon, and directed by Tim Robbins, who adapted the screenplay from the non-fiction book of the same name written by Sister Helen Prejean.

Tim Robbins has taken material from her book Dead Man Walking and reshaped it into one of the most inspiring and positive portraits of Christian ministry ever put on film.

A review of the movie dead man walking by tim robbins

Susan Saradon won an Academy Award for her luminous portrait of Sister Helen Prejean.

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