A celebration on the new launch of the merchant of venice

While stationed in Okinawa, Jon felt fortunate to guide author and Wesleyan Historian in Residence William Manchester - a fellow Marine - around the island.

A celebration on the new launch of the merchant of venice

His father, a talented vigneron who did not bottle much of his wines and was well-known as a high-quality source of bulk wine, had stopped working the vineyards and the vines were either going to have to be pulled up and replanted, or sold.

Little by little his passion grew, and today he is proud to be the fourth generation to farm the domaine. The Nantais is a maritime climate, and the vineyards are not far from the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently, there is an interesting variety of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, as this area once was ocean floor.

This grape, pulled out of vineyards for many years to be replaced with the more profitable Sauvignon Blanc, is indigenous to the Loire. It makes an impression, with almost an Alsatian exoticism. Though only in his twenties, Charly has already started a dynamic career.

He uses biodynamic farming techniques in the vineyard, never adding synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides to the vines. He harvests late, with an aggressive sorting of the grapes, adds minimal doses of sulfur dioxide, ages the wine in four-year-old Burgundian barriques, and bottles his wines unfiltered.

The vintage marked his first release and his first collaboration with KLWM. We are unanimously impressed with this rising star.


Other respected vignerons like Coche and Raveneau hold these wines in the highest esteem and are generous with their praise when Jobard comes up in conversation. Recently, they added Tillets to their list, the excellent vineyard that Roulot fans know and love — a high-elevation, very stony lieu-dit.

All the Jobard wines are aged in barrel and spend a lengthy period of time sur lie in their cellars in Meursault. They are the last of our white Burgundies to come to the market every year due to their unhurried approach to vinification and typically slow malolactic fermentations. In their youth, these wines are often tightly wound with an intense mineral structure that only begins to soften with extended bottle aging.

That said, the Jobard legacy lives on, and the wines will still explode with intense aromas of honeycomb and stone later in life. He is a pioneer, certainly, but also an ardent environmentalist as demonstrated in both his wine and his sculpture, another passion.

The vintage marked his first collaboration with KLWM, and the following year he brought biodynamic viticulture to his fourteen hectares of vineyards, including his flagship parcel in the Muenchberg Grand Cru. He looks for the nuance of terroir rather than the typicity of a grape varietal.

In an act of rejection against the official classifications dictated by the A. Vins de Fruit that express fruit character rather than that of a specific vineyard site, Vins de Pierre reflecting the terroir from which they originate, and Vin de Temps that rely on time and weather to encourage the development of botrytis.

He ferments the majority of his wines completely dry, so their versatility at the table surpasses that of many other wines from the region. He uses oak sourced exclusively from the Vosges Mountains and, for his Pinots, prefers barriques to the traditional foudres.

A celebration on the new launch of the merchant of venice

He rejects formulaic, scientifically engineered wines, and since going biodynamic inhas been an active member of the natural farming community. It is not locked inside a formula.

A celebration on the new launch of the merchant of venice

Its essence is subtle subjective and never rational. It resides in the unique, the singular, but it is ultimately connected to something more universal.

A great wine is one in which quality is contained. Such a wine will necessarily be uncommon and decidedly unique because it cannot be like any other, and because of this fact it will be atypical, or only typical of itself.

Blog posts on Domaine Ostertag: The domaine is run by Jean-Charles Abbatucci, a direct descendant of the General, who has now become a local hero of another kind—for providing the local populace with its most sought-after libation.The Merchant of Venice; A delightful introduction for Mr Sharpe s Sparkle d Cherubs GO SHAKEY BABY!

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Mark your calendar for the launch of our Performance Season opening with two-time Grammy® nominated (Best Jazz Vocal Album; Best Traditional R&B Performance) duo The Baylor Project, featuring Jean Baylor and Marcus Baylor. The Division promotes Delaware arts events on kaja-net.com THE MERCHANT OF VENICE performed by DELAWARE.

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Jean Foillard Jean and Agnès Foillard took over his father’s domaine in , and soon thereafter began to make Kermit Lynch customers very happy.

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